Mandalay Bay Resort

Las Vegas, Nevada

October 7-9, 2016

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The Third Annual Traders4ACause Charity networking event gives traders from all over the world an opportunity to learn and socialize while supporting a great cause. Join us for an event-packed weekend filled with golf, cocktails, engaging speakers, and so much more!

Times and schedule are subject to change

Thursday – October 6, 2016

PRIVATE EVENT: Kickoff Happy Hour w/Erick Lindgren and Jason Giambi
(Momentum Sponsors and above invited)


FRIDAY – October 7, 2016

Golf at Bear’s Best

Evening Cocktail Reception at beerpark

SATURDAY – October 8, 2016

Conference – 8:30AM-4:30PM

Evening Cocktail Reception at chayo

SUNDAY – October 9, 2016

Meet & Greet Breakfast*

Conference & Round Table Discussions – 9:15AM-2PM

*Spouse Events

We wish to thank our board member, Tom Kelly, for generously offering a significant discount for our Chayo Cocktail Reception

Speaker Line Up

Craig Lavid


Mr Lavid has been involved with the stock market for 19 years. He’s been a full time trader since graduating from the University of Kansas Law School in 2000. While his style of trading has evolved over the years, his primary strategy has consistently been to determine why stocks are moving: studying momentum, news, research and changes in the overall market environment. He posts some of his research under the twitter handle “@CraigTrader.”

Gregg S. Sciabica


Full time stock trader since 1999.  Resides in Tucson, Arizona with his wife and daughter.

Sahm Adrangi


Sahm Adrangi is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He has been involved in all aspects of the firm’s development since its founding in 2009. He launched the firm with under $1 million and has grown it to more than $500 million today.

Perhaps best known for short research activism, Mr. Adrangi first made a name for himself shorting fraudulent Chinese companies, with several having since become the subject of enforcement actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Mr. Adrangi began his career in the leveraged finance investment banking group of Deutsche Bank and was subsequently an analyst at the multi-billion-dollar distressed debt hedge fund, Longacre Management. Mr. Adrangi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University.



D4ytrad3 has been an Active trader in the markets since 2003. Having actively participated in Equity, Option, and FX markets, he draws upon his vast experience of over 500,000+ trades to continually gain insight into the ever-evolving markets.

Chris Irons


Chris Irons (aka “Quoth the Raven”) joined GeoInvesting in 2014 as the firm’s Senior Business Writer and Equity Analyst. At Geo, his responsibility is generating ideas, building out theses’, and sifting through ideas to find actionable content; all while upholding a commitment to ethical standards and evidence-based investment ideas. Prior to GeoInvesting, Mr. Irons had authored nearly 1,000 independent analyst reports, scholarly documents, articles, and critical commentaries on businesses and publicly traded companies. His equity and business analysis has been featured in the Financial Times, Yahoo Finance, Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, USA Today, the NY Post, and other major news outlets. Previously, Mr. Irons worked as the sole investor relations contact for a public company with a market cap ranging from $12 million to $150 million with over 6,000 shareholders, and assisted in the closing of over $20 million in equity capital, preferred stock, and secured debt financing from high net worth individuals, including several billionaires, as well as institutions. He has a B.A. in English & Technical Writing from West Chester University, a M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Neumann University, a Master Certification in Hospitality Management from Cornell University and has completed Financial and Accounting Executive Education courses at The Wharton School.

Majed Soueidan


Majed (Maj) Soueidan received his dual major degrees in 1992 in Finance and Risk Management from Temple University. Maj has been an investor since 1989 (full-time investor since 1994), turning $3,000 into his first million by 1998. He co-founded GeoInvesting in 2007 to bring institutional quality long-based investment research to the average investor and help broaden the awareness of the opportunities that exist in the inefficient micro-cap and small-cap equity universe and U.S Listed China stocks (“ChinaHybrids”).

By combining the tenants of growth + value, GeoInvesting long biased research has produced over 50 stocks that have more than doubled and over 40 stocks that have been acquired.  Maj was also instrumental in developing a strategy to broaden GeoInvesting’s scope to perform and disseminate in-house short thesis research reports on companies across market-cap spectrums. GeoInvesting was among the first players to begin to openly question the financials and overall representations of U.S Listed China stocks to investors. He played a significant role in educating market participants on the risks associated with investing in “ChinaHybrids.”  This has been instrumental in GeoInvesting publishing 17 short thesis Pump & Dump reports with a near 100% success rate and 12 ChinaHybrids being halted and/or delisted.

Dave Landry


Dave Landry has been actively trading the markets since the early 90s. In 1995 he founded Sentive Trading, LLC–a trading and consulting firm. He is author of Dave Landry on Swing Trading (2000), Dave Landry’s 10 Best Swing Trading Patterns & Strategies (2003), and The Layman’s Guide to Trading Stocks (2010). His books have been translated into Korean, Russian, Italian, French, Japanese, and Chinese. He has made several television appearances, has written articles for Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, Active Trader, Currency Trader, Traders Journal-Singapore, and TRADERS’. He has been publishing daily web based commentary on technical trading since 1997. He has spoken at trading conferences both nationally and internationally. He has a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA. He was registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) from 1995 to 2009. He is a member of the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts. Dave can be reached at dave at dave landry dot com.

Dr. Robert Maurer


As the Director of Behavioral Sciences for Providence Family Medicine and a faculty member with the University of Washington School of Medicine, Dr. Maurer has studied how individuals, families, and organizations sustain their excellence in health, relationship, and work. He is also an Associate Clinical Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine. He has served as a consultant to Walt Disney Studios, the US Air Force, Costco, Wellpoint, American Express, Four Seasons Hotels, PricewaterhouseCooper, Make-A-Wish, and Habitat for Humanity. His book on creativity and change, entitled, One Small Step can Change Your Life was published in the fall of 2004 and is now in twenty four languages. He is also the author of The Spirit of Kaizen and Mastering Fear. His work as a clinical psychologist has resulted in the development of an extensive series of programs designed to meet the challenges of building and sustaining excellence and well being.

Carley Garner


Carley Garner is an experienced futures and options broker with DeCarley Trading, a division of Zaner Group, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is also the author of Higher Probability Commodity Trading; A Trader’s First Book on Commodities (two editions); Currency Trading in the Forex and Futures Markets; and Commodity Options. Her e-newsletters, The DeCarley Perspective and The Financial Futures Report, have garnered a loyal following; she is also proactive in providing free trading education at

Carley is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, from which she earned dual bachelor’s degrees in finance and accounting. Carley jumped into the options and futures industry with both feet in early 2004 and has become one of the most recognized names in the business. Her commodity market analysis is often referenced on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money on CNBC and she is a regular contributor to and its Real Money Pro service.

Carley authors a monthly column in Stocks & Commodities magazine and has been featured in the likes of Futures, Active Trader, Option Trader magazines, and many more. She has been quoted by Investor’s Business Daily and The Wall Street Journal and has also been known to participate in radio interviews. She can be found on the speaking circuit.

Hosted By:

Zach Schellhaas

Trader Talks

Michele Koenig


Full time trader since 2001.  Founder of Gallatin Valley Corgi Club Coordinator of the food drive for the local food bank pet pantry.  Big Brothers Big Sisters participant in the Bowl for Kids Sake. Graduate of Montana State University with Bachelor’s degree in Finance.  Resides in Manhattan, Montana with her family.

Phil Goedeker


Phil started trading in college to make a little extra money. After a couple years of studying charts, Phil opened a small account during his sophomore year. He lost the money and repeated the process junior year. By senior year, Phil was starting to understand chart patterns better and started learning how to short stocks. By the end of senior year, Phil grew his small account exponentially by focusing on shorting parabolic moves. Now, Phil is a full-time trader who continues to take profits from the stock market.

Nathan Michaud

Nathan Michaud is a veteran trader who has been day trading for over 10 years. Nathan is well known in the trading community as the founder of InvestorsLive, LLC, a company focused on aiding new and veteran traders in identifying the right stocks to trade. InvestorsLive LLC operates a live momentum chat room at, which is a transparent trading community of experienced traders. The company also offers educational products such as videos and streaming DVDs, video lessons, webinars, and more.
Nathan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of New Hampshire.

Bao Nguyen


Bao, more commonly known online as @Modern_Rock (aka THE Trading Fish @mrockrulez), graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Engineering and spent 8 years as a developer during the .COM days in Silicon Valley. However, Bao was more interested in trading stocks than he was programming applications. He became instantly hooked when his very first trade on Silicon Graphics (SGI) made him 30% overnight.

Bao moved to NYC around 2000 during which time he became really focused in day trading and decided to become a full time trader, trading exclusively for himself.

Although Bao currently trades all types of US equity stocks, for many years his expertise was in the area of penny stocks, where he made a name for himself as “Modern_Rock”.

Bao currently lives in Silicon Valley, CA and spends his time traveling and paying it forward, sharing his trading knowledge for free via THE Trading Fish @mrockrulez

Tim Grittani


Tim first became interested in trading while he was still in college pursuing a finance degree. He opened small accounts a few times without having much luck in the market. Eventually, Tim started studying vigorously and developed a niche strategy to focus on. This strategy, initially focused around penny stocks, helped Grittani impressively propel his small account by the age of 24.

Kunal Desai


Kunal Desai is the CEO and head trader of Bulls on Wall St. Kunal began trading stocks during the Dotcom Boom, experiencing several ups and downs while growing his account and his knowledge of how the market works.
After years spent trading and developing a consistently profitable system, Kunal founded Bulls on Wall Street to teach others how to take control of their financial destinies. Kunal uses his passion for trading every day to guide traders in the chat and teach his system in the Bulls classes.

Loui (@MonacoTrader)


Loui is a successful serial entrepreneur and an active trader, best known for turning 3 people start-up Venture Capital (VC) company into a 117 people enterprise within 5 years and exiting with a trade sale to a FTSE 100 company. Loui then moved to Monaco for a few years and currently in the process of moving back to the UK, still keeping strong ties with Monaco.

After taking a year of off and traveling the world, he then founded a property development business that is currently active in Monaco, France, UK, Turkey & Dubai and also founded a new boutique VC that he primarily uses as his investment vehicle to invest in exciting businesses in tech sector.

Loui is also a highly successful and well known swing-style trader & shares his thoughts and trades live on his twitter account (@MonacoTrader). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence Programming and an MBA in Finance.

Terry Liberman


Terry retired in 1991 after a 30 year career as a facilitator and performance coach for entrepreneurs.
His work with clients focused on helping them accelerate their growth and profitability for supporting their current lifestyle and eventual transition into their post-work phase of life.

Terry’s core client ‘methodology’ is based on three pillars: clarified principles, deliberate learning, and structure ownership and execution.

His trading career began in 1993. Since then he has been a ‘perpetual’ student of trader development. His experience includes producing educational materials, teaching courses, performance coaching, facilitating trader processes, and building a trading software company.

His current focus, combining what he learned and experienced prior to trading, plus his work with traders over the past 22 years, is on developing ‘tradingtoTrader’, and writing his latest book “The Trader, the Entrepreneur”.

Tim Bohen


Tim Bohen has had a lifetime interest in trading and finance. After leaving college early in the mid 1990’s he started a technology and internet provider. Back in the days of 33.6K dial up modems. After growing the business to maturity he started getting more and more interested in trading around the market crash in 2007-2008. After gaining more skills in short selling, particularly low priced stocks Tim decided to venture out into trading more actively. In 2013 he sold his 15+ year old company and migrated to trading full time. Tim greatly enjoys the freedom that trading provides and spends the majority of his free time in the outdoors, hunting, fishing and camping with his family.

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