Here is Sang Lucci’s blog post to members:

Here at Sang Lucci, we are pleased to announce that Haim Bodek and Anand Sanghvi (aka “Lucci”) will be speaking at the Traders4ACause charity trading conference, hosted by Traders4ACause on October 3-5 in Las Vegas. Nathan Michaud, founder of Investors Underground and member of the Traders4ACause organization, has been trading since the early 2000’s and is now known as a prominent small/mid-cap equities trader. This is the first event of what he hopes will grow into an annual tradition. From the looks of the sponsors and speakers, this is a must-attend gathering for traders who are looking to connect with some of the pros.

With Haim recently in the news for helping to curb the proliferation of unfair order types, we feel that it’s a perfect time to impart some of the knowledge we’ve gathered about the way these modern markets really work. Algos, HFT’s and dark pools have taken over a lot of the limelight recently, and retail traders are finally starting to pay attention. Traders need someone to guide them through this complex market environment, and Haim Bodek is the right man for the job. Haim has been at the forefront of market structure issues since the release of Regulation NMS in 2007. He’s been on both sides of the coin, and his presentation will be a great addition to the all-star cast lined up for this conference.

We’re also pretty big on the psychology of trading here; Lucci has written and toiled endlessly about this topic, while helping many students get back on track after difficult trading periods in their careers. Every trader has problems in this area (including Lucci himself), which is why things moved so violently towards automated trading. Defining good emotions versus bad emotions and staying focused during the trading day in the face of losses are big challenges to most hand traders. These psychological challenges implicit to the field have paved the way for trading coaches like Brett Steenbarger, who will also be speaking at Traders4ACause. Dr. Steenbarger was one of the first to write in detail about the psychology of trading; we’re already excited to hear his presentation in Vegas.

Speaking of good emotions, all donations at Traders4ACause will go directly to benefiting this year’s designated causes: alleviating poverty and curing Parkinson’s disease. So in addition to these great presentations and other conference events, you’ll have the opportunity to help support some really great work with like-minded traders. For us to be able to do what we do, to do it out in Vegas, and to do it for a good cause? It’s a no-brainer.