We at Traders4ACause had an email this morning sitting in our box that we just couldn’t hold back from sharing any longer!

Tim Bohen who regularly blogs at tbohen.com offered the following testimonial about our event in Vegas this past year!



The Traders4ACause event was easily the best and most valuable business/social event I have ever attended. I gave what I thought was a very generous donation, but even after just the first day I started feeling guilty that I did not donate enough. First off the charities that T4C chose were beyond what I ever could have found or donated to myself. But in addition to that, being greedy and selfish like I am, the value that I gained from the conference was worth 10X what I donated.


You can visit the T4C page and check out the charities that they selected and make your own judgements, I will continue with my review of the value and entertainment that I gained from the conference.


The first day was a golf and networking event with a great bunch of people. The course was TOP NOTCH, I’ve played on some high level courses before but the course they chose exceeded anything I have ever played. The scenery was so awesome it would have been worth it just to ride along in a cart and sight see. I scrambled with three really cool and interesting guys, we talked day to day stuff, and trading, it was a perfect mix of learning from each other and just plain bullshitting.


During the next two days, the agenda was packed with some of the best and most inspirational speakers I have ever heard. Over the past year I have been looking for that little something to help push me over the top to the next level of trading. I truly feel that this conference will be that.


I don’t think any event out there exists where you can network one on one with REAL traders, this is not some BS seminar that you see advertised on CNBC, these are REAL PEOPLE with REAL track records of success.


The presentations were actual recounts of what they have done and learned to be successful, not just a bunch of crap regurgitated from every self help book you can buy for $5 on Amazon.


What I learned and was inspired by in the two days of conferences made me a better trader and a more intelligent person, I cannot begin to put a price on that.


I kind of glazed over the “fun” stuff because I cannot say enough good about the learning sessions. But the food was top notch and the nightlife too. Every meal was top shelf and every night there was a cocktail session at some really cool bars.


I don’t care what your level of success or experience as a trader is, if you have any interest in improving, (which I hope you do) than you will attend this event next time.


It truly is life changing, for yourself as well as someone in need. (Via the charitable donations)

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