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I’d like to personally invite everyone to our first annual meet and greet golf tournament and trading conference !!

All donations are 100% tax deductible. Suggested minimum is $750, current minimum is $500 per ticket;$950 or $700 if playing golf.

For details, please visit the events page for discounted hotel pricing and other relevant info.



Last year on my regular bi-weekly call with Scott Herman, I started talking about an idea to use the community of traders we’ve created over the years for an even more powerful good. Something to take it beyond creating the best broker or community for traders and focus on giving back.

We’re fortunate enough to be successful at this profession, but at the end of the day it’s just us, two, three or six monitors and a bunch of Internet friends talking about tickers each and every day.

We’re surrounded by successful traders who do much wonderful work on their own, but acting together we can do so much more!

I started bouncing this idea off Scott about having a pledge day — a week or month where traders double or triple their commissions and donate without even realizing it; the more they trade, the more they donate. Another thought came to mind — we could even donate a percentage of profits during the pledge period. We ended up taking it one step further and I told him, “Why don’t we support breast cancer, turn our logos pink and do it in October?’” Scott replied, “First off, I’m 100% in and let me know ANYTHING you need. Secondly, I’ll match whatever we raise and lastly, do you know anything about my life? Are you just saying the whole ‘breast cancer thing’ because of what my wife and I went through or do you have no idea?”

I’ll get to the rest of that story in a minute!

In mid-2013, we founded Traders4ACause with a great team of traders in the community focused on using their successes and good fortune to help others. We wanted to concentrate on smaller charities where you could see the capital invested making a direct difference rather than going towards administrative fees and marketing.


Scott’s wife, Stephanie is a survivor of breast cancer. Scott wrote about her fight last year, what she went through and how one of the charities that we raised for on our first event,Rapunzel Project, gave Steph the confidence to keep up her fight. In 2013 we raised $21,000 for them! You can stay up-to-date on their website.


The second beneficiary of 2013’s events was Building Dreams for Marines, a local charity near Nate out of Londonderry, N.H., for whom we raised $9,000. Building Dreams for Marines has been established to assist Marines who have honorably served and have a physically limiting condition, with life-enhancing modifications to their homes. The great part about this charity is you can see exactly where every dollar donated goes in real time on their Facebook page – it’s extremely rewarding to know that you’re a part of each project.




Our first two events we had to rely on users sending in checks and donations directly to the charities as we were pending tax exempt status, but didn’t want to wait to put a good idea to use.Thankfully, that has since changed!

Earlier this year we received 501 (c)(3)tax exempt status and it was time to turn it up a notch. Our goal when creating the non-profit organization was to put on an annual event to raise money and awareness for different charities among the trading community.


October 3-5, 2014 will be our first annual meet and greet scramble golf tournament and stock conference. This year’s beneficiaries will be Care International and Dystonia and Parkinson’s Foundation. We self-fund our operating costs so 100% of your donations go straight to the cause!

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We have an unmatched panel of speakers including Dr. Brett Steenbarger from TraderFeed, Roddy Boyd from The Financial Investigator and Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation , Bill Simpson from Yellowdog Fund, Jamie Lissette of Hammerstone, Sang Lucci, and HFT expert Haim Bodek of , DanielMardorf aka @JohnWelshTrades, Michail Shadkin aka @EpicaCapital and a round table with most of the guys –me, @modern_rock and Gregg aka @lx21.

We’ve already had a great response — many members of the trading communities and respected twitter traders are attending as well as speaking. Because this is the first year of our event we have limited seating, so on August 15th, the minimum donation will rise to $750. To ensure you have a seat please reserve your spot before then! Make sure to reserve your room at the discounted rate on Mandalay Bay discounted website.

Our goal with this event is not just stocks, but an excuse to meet everyone, have fun, learn and do great things at the same time. We all work together daily online, so this is a great chance to meet one-on-one and share funny trading stories in person.

We have two great cocktail receptions planned, one at the brand new Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar, a tour of the entire city from ride on the world’s tallest observation wheel, the High Roller, followed by a thank you brunch Sunday! I hope to see you all there and look forward to taking the 1st annual scramble golf tournament champion title. 🙂

Hope to see you all there!

Nathan Michaud


Here’s some of the guests currently planning to attend!